An amazing time was had at this year's Practicum.  We were inspired and encouraged and are looking forward to 2013-14 with LOADS of vision for our home-centered education!  Come back here often to see upcoming Workshops, 1-Day Student Practicums, and other great local Classical Conversations sponsored events!

June 18-20 Wichita, KS

Come with us as we Return to Roots and Reason. Join new and veteran homeschooling parents for three days of encouragement and in­spiration as we seek to understand the classical model of education and learn how to apply it in Christian homeschooling. This year we will be digging deeper into the beauty and reason that can only be understood through mathematics.


The morning speaker will present practical tools for giving our children a classical, Christian education at home. See the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stages of learning in action as we rediscover roots and reason through mathematics.


In the afternoon our speaker will model practical techniques and sound principles of teaching math at home.  He will give hands-on opportunities that will take the 'teaching-math-at-home-monster' out from under the bed by equipping us with the needed tools to guide our students to real understanding and mastery! In the morning we will learn the "whys.," and in the afternoons we will learn the "hows."

Parent participation is FREE and we offer low-cost camps for children. While we are learning, our children will be learning, playing, singing and spending time with new and old friends.


There are camps available for babies through 14+ years old:

Infant Camp/Nursery

for 0–2 years


Play Camp

for 3–5 years

Young children in play camp will enjoy music, games, arts and crafts, stories, and outdoor play.


GeoDraw Camp

for 6–8 years

In GeoDraw Camp, students start by learning the fundamental shapes of drawing. They practice first by copying simple line drawings and then by drawing maps. These fun-filled three days offer a preview of the upcoming cycle of memory work in the Classical Conversations Foundations program.

Trig Camp

for 9-14 years

Children as young as 9 (YES, 9!) can learn the grammar of trigonometry when taught classically.  This class will be fun, yet introduce them to this higher level math.  Please let your child come join us and help rescue Rapunzel from her tower!

We also offer Community Service Credits to those responsible teens who are willing to serve at our Practicum. 

Please register early as that will assist us in staffing the Practicum.


Key Note Speaker
Brian Tonnell

After 22 years as an Air Force pilot, God poked Brian in the chest and said, “You will homeschool!”  Within two months of his retirement, he was tutoring Challenge B with his eldest son.  Over the years, he has moved up with his eldest son, tutoring Challenge B, Challenge I, Challenge II, Challenge III, and (next year) Challenge IV.  Brian and his wife, Jenny, have been married for almost 23 years.  They have two children (Andrew – 17, Jonathan – 12) and have homeschooled these two from day one.  This coming year will be their sixth year in CC.  He is so excited to come to Wichita and share his experience with home education, and how Classical Conversations can be done at home, all the way through high school!

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