Challenge A and B
 Tuition per student/year 30 weeks
Includes Guide
 Challenges I-IV
 Tuition per student/year 30 weeks
Includes Guide
 Registration per student/year
 Facility Fee* per family/year
 Lab Fees**
UP TO $50

The Challenge programs provide Classical Christian community for home school families with students in grades 7-12. The Challenge Programs typically meet once a week for fifteen weeks in the fall and fifteen weeks in the winter/spring months.

Based on the Classical Model of education, students at this age move into the dialectic and rhetoric phases of learning. Students utilize our academically challenging curriculum, which is appropriately named the Challenge Curriculum. This curriculum involves Saxon Math, Apologia sciences, classic literature, writing reports, debates, and much more. Students develop and strengthen the life-long learning skills of grammar, exposition, debate, logic, rhetoric, and research. This curriculum is supplemented by weekly classroom time with a trained Challenge Director/Tutor.

*Facility fee may be subject to change.

**Lab fees depend on the Challenge level, check with your Challenge Director for your specific fee.

Please visit the below links for a detailed list of all materials needed for each Challenge student.

Above is a video of Leigh Bortins interviewing four Classical Conversations graduates.  23 minutes long.

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